Chris Milstead


I have been working as a graphic designer, professionally, for about 10 years now. As a kid, I developed a passion for graffiti and art thru skateboarding, surfing, punk rock, and hip hop. As time went on, I would soon find design, my new passion. I used to love flipping thru the pages of Transworld Skate and Thrasher as a kid and ripping out my favorite layouts and throwing them on my wall.Now days I love cruising my BMX thru the circle in Old Towne Orange to get a coffee and some creative inspiration thru the old time 50s & 60s Signage throughout the circle. I'm sort of a geek for that type of stuff! I love old patches and buttons . Anything that displays old logos and type , I'm in love with! I'm also a huge fan of 80s and 90s nostalgia as well. My design influences range from very simplistic compositions to gritty surf and skate vibes, to iconic, gritty punk rock-street looks, to the roots of california-chicano culture. If I had to brand my style, I'd call it "Simplified Chaos".

Outside of my work life, I love music, riding and working on bikes (Bicycles). I also enjoy spending my free time getting coffee, sports, and hanging with my girlfriend and family.

I have extended knowledge in color theory, screen printing process, tech packs, merch guides, layout design, EDM work, catalog imagery, t-shirt graphics, logo composition, photoshop, procreate and illustrator. I take art direction very well and have a "Get it Done" attitude.

Please see my online portfolio at