Brian Koehler

Brian Koehler

Operations Manager

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I started in the Army at 18 with little in terms of workplace skills, after I finished I had to jump around from a few jobs till I found what I loved to do. I discovered my love for problem solving during this time, not just the idea of it, but the implementation and creative ways to complete a given problem. Seeing inefficiencies and working out a solution to simplify and increase productivity give me a purpose that I find fulfilling.

Working with my current company has been both rewarding and challenging, having step into the door with only a few employees and a old shoddy warehouse to seeing the growth and move into a huge beautiful location has been nothing short of amazing.

To give you a glimpse at where my problem solving style ends up, I started working with Four Star Plumbing as a simple dispatcher/office worker. I now run their whole operations from training to organizational flow to parts ordering. I have had to learn HTML and website design using current marketing trends to create a new website with proper SEO taken into account. I even had to grind my teeth in the steep learning curve of adobe photoshop and illustrator to create one of a kind marketing materials, to help save costs and time by not having to outsource it. Taking on these tasks were not always easy or fun, but they gave me joy to finish and see what came out them. The company saw an increase in leads and new customer traffic, they had compliments on the new website, and marketing materials.

If the opportunity came to help solve some issues, I would dive for it. To learn and grow is something I take to heart.

Skillsets: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, & Indesign. HTML, CSS, & Wordpress. Personnel Management, Training, & Resource management. If it is not on here, give me a goal and some time, I will learn it.