Madeline Curti

Madeline Curti

Social Media/Graphic Design

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I am a creative self-starter. I am passionate about snowboarding, skateboarding, and surfing as well as the industries and people who also share those passions. I have a background in Recreation and Leisure Marketing and Advertising with a B.S. from Missouri State University as well as years of honing photography, computer design software, and illustration skills. I am about to start working toward my MBA at University of Wisconsin in Brand Marketing and Management while emphasizing in Entrepreneurship. I am great at juggling many tasks and working with groups or individually. I start every day with a positive attitude, cup of coffee, and a list of personal and professional goals. I am looking to find a home at a larger company that shares my passions or work on collaborative projects!

Offsite review
Creative/Marketing Impact
"Madeline has been a huge asset while at our company. She has taken on many different roles where ever she was needed with out a bit of hesitation and has done a great job.

Her marketing impact has been the biggest help to us in providing our customers with fresh and exciting new ideas. Her creative work and event planning really standout as a strong point."
Josh F.
April 14, 2017 *****