Drew Engelmann


A spokesman, team driver and brand developer in the Consumer Goods sector, Drew has unbridled enthusiasm for creating authentic customer interactions and creating life-long-consumer relationships that provide companies with revenue plans for the future.

As a digital strategist, he has crafted and developed long-term B-to-C relationships by customizing content specific to the ever changing media segments. Through a natural and casual approach, his focus on sharing stories with people to create a UI which is genuine and true to both brand and the individual receiving the message.

His firsthand experience as a retailer, sales representative, manager and director encompass an operational awareness that blends his history of identifying new business opportunities to design organizational roadmaps to motivate, delegate, launch and measure successful programs with tangible and real-time results.

Drew mentors staff through "community-engagement" and coaches employees to develop ways to foster relationships while balancing the demands of life without sacrificing their career roles and requirements. As the Founder of Trail Stewards of San Diego, he empowers a collective of passionate advocates that enjoy giving-back to their community. As a champion for nature and their neighborhoods, the Trails Stewards of San Diego create volunteer initiatives to maintain multi-use trails in the Greater San Diego area.

Able to see the big picture and communicate it clearly to others, he likes to take charge of a project, even in mid-stream, and work hard to make policy and procedural advancements most effectively move towards success. With flexibility, versatility, he acts positively in all challenging environments with confidence. He is a very active agent in all he does and actively seeks challenging projects for his teams to conquer.