Drew Engelmann

Drew Engelmann

Director of Sales

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As a brand initiative developer and driver in the Consumer Goods sector, I live the complete life of a Sales Director with unbridled enthusiasm for customers, my teams, and the relationships that they provide the company revenue plans and I love to compete with THE BEST.

In the Cycling Industry, my firsthand experience as a retailer, sales representative, manager and director encompass an operational awareness that affords the ability to identify new business opportunities and the workload required to design and launch successful programs with tangible, measurable, afford real-time results.

I thrive in community-focused companies and quickly engages newcomers and establishes relationships to better serve the needs of the company that he works for. As the Founder of Trail Stewards of San Diego, I have established a collective of advocates who share my dedication to giving-back to the community through volunteer programs dedicated to maintaining multi-use trails in the Greater San Diego area.

Able to see the big picture and communicate it clearly to others, I like to take charge of a project, even in mid-stream, and work hard to make it a success. With flexibility, versatility, I perform positively in all environments with confidence. I'm a very active agent in all that I do and actively seek challenging projects for my teams to conquer.