Sheri Samms

Sheri Samms

Controller / Accounting Manager / Accountant
Location: Aliso Viejo CA
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Over the past 35 years (I started my career when I was 2 years old - lol!) I have had the honor of working in a field that 'lights me up'. Even after all these years I still consider a balanced bank statement or accounting report cause for celebration!!

Hard work and an acute understanding of business operations and the fortitude required for success is no stranger to me or my work ethics.

My experience is diverse and spans an extremely wide variety of duties in fields from construction, to medical, to real estate, to name just a few. I am always willing to pitch in to do whatever it takes to accomplish the task at hand and help in any way possible. Extra mile effort is one of my mottos, both personally and professionally.

To me, accounting is far and above just working with numbers. In many ways it is an endlessly fascinating, ever changing story displayed in specific categories. Using creative thought can enhance the complexion and texture of the story and shed light on areas of need or attention.

Throughout my years of accounting work experience just about everything imaginable (and unimaginable) has crossed my desk in one form or another. And I have been afforded opportunities to address and effectively handle and deal with far more than could possibly be presented in a resume. I bring with me extensive experience, skills, and expertise which will lend deeply to any accounting endeavor. Having worked with tremendous diversity will also be of great value as I have dealt with many of the challenges facing a variety of businesses first hand.

Over the years I have held a variety of accounting positions advancing from a Clerk in the 80's, to Controller, and including running my own exceedingly successful business where I was privileged to serve an amazing spectrum of clientele. To say I am incredibly passionate about accounting and business would be an understatement. I have worked with various main frame applications and numerous accounting related programs; many of them since their infancy. I have led accounting teams, actively participated in a team, and have worked independently. I am reliable, energetic, trustworthy, and take immense pride in my work.

With Gratitude,
Forever Passionate About ALL Things Accounting and Tech!!

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