Pauline Caceres


While working as an customer service rep and handling order processing. I have acquired many skills as well as personal qualities that are extremely useful. I am extremely motivated, personable and detail-oriented, which is vital while pursing a career as an customer service rep. I am experience in providing administrative support for various departments including general staff, a sales team, warehouse. My general duties could include anything from general administration and secretarial duties, to providing clients support, handling all east coast orders for all reps and credit card verification and processing, as well as submitting orders to factor database. I maintain excellent communication skills and problem resolution abilities. This experience allows to me work well as a team as I am able to communicate well to others and also listen and take direction. I have always been someone who needs to fix any and every problem and insist on things being done correctly, so being a natural problem solver is extremely important for me professionally and personally. My career goals for involve a few different aspects. I would love to be working as an executive assistant with a company that I had been working for a significant length of time. I would like to expand my knowledge base and skill set significantly and perhaps be promoted into a higher customer service position. I feel it is important for me to divide my time between my administrative career, volunteer work and personal life.