Kelsey Rafferty

Kelsey Rafferty

Graphic Designer

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ABOUT: I am a Cutting edge graphic design artist familiar with an array of mediums and technologies. My brand is audacious, multifaceted and powered by my passion to problem solve. As a designer, I feel that I am a translator of the visual arts and communicator of innovative design. I started in LA working the gallery circuit and carried that experience into my design career. My packaging pushes the mold of possibilities with ‘magic 8 ball’ tumblers and intestine pulley system DVD covers.

I found my passion for branding by my advertising agency exposure. My experience ranges from third tier automotive, medical, casino and I have most recently had the pleasure of being the creative director for a small IoT technologies firm. There I got to create identities for in-house inventions and turn them into a marketed product. I was able to gain exposure from all aspects agency roles and the full spectrum of creative responsibilities not only producing work for clients but also executing strategic roll-out marketing campaigns and managing the growth our brands. I love it, I want more.

Working for smaller companies gave me greater access to roles and responsibility beyond those associated with entry level positions. I have been raised in San Diego and am grateful to be able to enjoy taking my dog kayaking in the bay or watching Charger games at the beach bars with my friends. I want to transition from smaller teams to an entry-level position in a larger company. I am looking forward starting a career with a company which will allow me to give back to the city I love.