Josh Ely


Creating new ideas is something that I have always done since I was a child. Whether it is a quick one-liner joke, or a clever t-shirt idea, I am always thinking up something new. I was “drawn” to apparel design early on, and I never really stopped. Growing from just a hobby in high school, designing apparel became a passion that keeps me excited to get to work everyday. Great design makes my day, and I will never get bored with creating new apparel/jersey designs.

It became clear to me early in my design career that my standards and work ethic were far beyond most others. My personal standards, and eye for errors/improvements are what set me apart from the rest. Cutting corners is not an option in my world (unless someone literally needs a graphic of a cut corner). You will never receive a design from me that I would not accept personally.

Currently I am fortunate enough to be able to make creative decisions that reach beyond just designing apparel. Brand identity/recognition, idea creation, copywriting, website design, and production improvements are things that I do, and succeed at, on a daily basis. Although I am great at what I do, I am a very humble person. I know that one person can never know everything related to design. One of my best traits is that I am never content with what I already know. I am constantly learning new techniques and on the lookout for new trends/ideas to experiment with. Accepting critiques and criticism, as well as praise, are skills that any good creative needs. That paired with identifying and utilizing talents of my team/peers are what have helped me grow as a designer.