Allan Glanfield


Beauty has a tendency to fade over time and when something has been used long enough, we lose interest and throw it away. On the other hand, there are some things that are quite the opposite. A vintage Harley-Davidson, a sweat stained Stratocaster, or the old hunting cabin built by your grandfather. With proper care, these things can be passed down from generation to generation, carrying all the scars and stories of their reckless past. Like an old bottle of scotch, I'm inspired by those few things in life that just seem to get better and better with age and last a lifetime. I am currently a menswear designer at Danier Leather in Toronto. I spent the last few years living in New York City where I was a mens design assistant at Marc by Marc Jacobs, an intern designer at Ernest Alexander and a graduate from the menswear design program at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I have a passion for brands that reflect an adventurous, reckless, and rugged lifestyle. I look to create durable products that build character over time. Something that will be there to remind you of where you’ve been and the people you met along the way.