Melanie Schwindt


Born and raised in LA, I was constantly inspired
by my surroundings growing up in the city.
I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer from when I was very young. I was always very artistic but I developed a particular interest for fashion. At the age of 7, I knew how to sew, embroider, and crochet all thanks to my mother and great grandmother. I began my journey by attending The Art Institute in North Hollywood, CA, majoring in Fashion Design. Within a year of being in school I got a wonderful opportunity and became an Assistant Patternmaker. I worked with several celebrities making customized gowns and suits. I graduated with my B.F.A and continued to flourish in my career.

I have successfully started my own business, I provide services such as Graphic Design, Textile Design, CAD Illustrations, and Design Consultant.
In the near future I plan to expand and start a kids clothing line, inspired by my two sons.