Chelsea McNamara


Hello my name is Chelsea McNamara my skills, experiences, and knowledge has made me a hardworking, driven individual. I possess strong empathy for my customer’s needs, take great pride in the products that I sell, and have a tremendous work ethic. My strengths in Customer Service are best measured in relation to the important contributions I have made to the goals and objectives of previous employers. Please review these points from my professional background, which demonstrate my unique skill set:??
Deliver exceptional customer service, foster and maintain excellent customer relationships.
Skilled presenter, project leader, and communicator, with the experience and flexibility needed to adapt to fast-changing schedules, high-pressure settings, and rapidly shifting priorities
I am motivated, organized, and a committed leader who prides herself on her ability to successfully complete any responsibility. My friendly, yet professional, demeanor and positive outlook allows me to effectively communicate with clients and co-workers alike.??

My credentials, experience, and enthusiasm for doing quality work would be a positive addition to your organization.

- Thank you.