Parris Wells


My name is Parris Wells, I am the Director of Social Media at Trade Only, a SaaS corporation in the promotional products industry. I have 7 years of experience in the social media and blogging fields, starting as a social media intern my senior year of high school, and holding multiple internship positions and part-time positions while attending University. Some of my skills include: social media marketing, organic and paid SEO, content marketing, blogging, Google Analytics, basic photoshop skills, digital publications (eBook, white papers), SEM, and more. During my time here at Trade Only, I have single-handedly managed all digital content distribution and social media scheduling.. If you're the type who likes numbers, here are a few of my greatest achievements: -I established the Trade Only Blog just shy of a year ago, which has accumulated 10,000 views averaging 125+ views per day -My social media and blogging platforms account for 40% of the traffic to our website -I have increased our Twitter followers by 88%, I have tripled (3x) our Facebook followers, and I have quadrupled (4x) our LinkedIn followers My social media talents are not limited to the SaaS industry, I have also held positions in the entertainment and beauty industries, which only further expanded my ability to cater content to any type of audience. I am constantly monitoring my performance and implementing new strategies to increase engagement and virality on our social media and blogging platforms; I am a chronic learner. Social media is an industry in its infant stages, and I look forward to growing and nurturing this industry as both a participant and a leader.