Stephen Dylan Winnacott


What does marketing mean to me? I certainly didn’t embark on a career in marketing to drive sales of high volume consumer goods or the latest gimmicky innovation to hit the shelves. Such blatant consumerism riles me as does the association marketing has with it.

I am an anti-consumerist marketer. I live a minimalist life. I pursued a career in marketing because I’m fascinated by consumer behaviour and brand building. Though where I find purpose is through building communities, getting people outdoors and inspiring positive change through genuine experiences and authentic story telling.

For me, authenticity is key. So is respect for the consumer and the planet. As said by Yvon Chouinard, “How you climb a mountain is more important than getting to the top”. This sums up how i aim to live, from my relationships with people and the activities I pursue like climbing, surfing and skiing, to making decisions about how as an individual I can reduce my impact on the planet. I seek authenticity in my career also, through the companies, brands and products I market. I perform at my highest level in roles where I can blend my personal interests with my values, with a tribe of my own people, working toward an authentic vision that reaches beyond the bottom line.