Stephen Dylan Winnacott

Stephen Dylan Winnacott

Marketing Manager

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As a child I wished I'd one day have a job that allowed me to write the advertisements I saw on TV. Unusual considering my youth was spent outside; surfing, hiking, camping, skating, skiing, you name it really. I didn't know about marketing and TV wasn't a huge part of my life, but the creativity of the commercials captured my imagination. As a youth I'd get my stoke by flicking through pictures in magazines, and in my school years I'd sketch imaginary waves and mountains and draw the logos of my favourite brands in the pages of my text books. Sometimes you can't see the path you're blazing until you look back.

Now, as a professional marketer with 10+ years of experience, I am as passionate as ever about the outdoors and action sports. I balance a skill set that ranges from the creative and imaginative, to the results-focused, analytical and process driven. Developing strategy that builds equity, with an authentic values-first approach is what motivates me the most.