Sam Pierson


Sam Pierson is a 30 year old professional artist, illustrator and designer whose work has been exhibited nationally as well as abroad. His introduction to art started at a young age, drawing action figures and WWF wrestling heros of the 90's. In his early teen years, he was captivated by the intense subculture based graphics of skateboarding, snowboarding and music. After graduating from Kansas State University in 2013 with a BFA in graphic design and printmaking he decided to move his creative endeavors to the Rockies. Where He currently works out of his home studio in Denver, Colorado as a freelance designer and Illustrator. Creating his visions of design with shocking, rebellious, Iconic imagery to capture the attention of a viewer and slap them in the face with a dose of radical. Staying true to lowbrow DIY design ethos of taking the standards of design rules and breaking them to make something outside of the box. When not working on freelance design work you can find him printing his lowbrow t-shirt designs and creating new work for gallery shows. He is also one of the co-founders of the Alien Ghost Collective. A group comprised of three intergalactic beings whose mission is the dispersal of visual information dealing with the intelligence, influence and evidence of alien (extra-terrestrial?) and ghost (inter-denominational/paranormal?) consciousness.