Donovan Dresti


I am a proven leader in my 10+ years of experience in marketing, sales, and driving a positive team culture. I revel in working hard, and contributing results to a high performing team through key marketing initiatives. I am also known for my hands on management style and enjoy being challenged.

Other Specialties: Specializing in relationship building, media buys, social media campaigns, influencer marketing, sports marketing, event marketing, retail sales, brand advertising, conducting market research and insights to drive action. Most importantly, generating new ideas/concepts to drive consumer engagement driving growth.

Examples of Marketing/Sales Achievements and professional Awards:
• Awarded the Red Bull "MVP" award for the Southern California region
• Led the strategic marketing in San Diego to help retake the #1 position
• Achieved the “National Sports Marketing Award” at Red Bull North America
• Featured on the national "Red Bull News" for a best in class retail marketing campaign
• Awarded the Red Bull “Media and Culture” award driving top results for the western business unit
• Established a key partnership between Google and Red Bull adding a top volume sales account
• Managed "The Ring of Fire” and acknowledged as top representative by Market Source leadership
• Awarded "Sales Rookie of the Year" for Blitzkreig Sales Agency, representing all Four Star brands

Donovan Dresti