Drew Wittig


Fully integrated designer comfortable moving from digital and product design to stimulating significant lift in social media by conceptualizing methods and campaigns to build, activate, and monetize fan-bases on behalf of clients. Helped previous company rise 45% in sales over 4 years, generating increased profit of $2 million. 2011 - Quota was 2.8m, generated 3.04m = 9% over quota 2012 - Quota was 3m, generated 3.36m = 15% over quota 2013 - Quota was 3.2m, generated 3.9m = 23% over quota 2014 - Quota was 3.4m, generated 4.43m = 30% over quota Ran the art department for a world-renowned luxury textile manufacturer. As lead designer helped company rise 45% in sales and increased production from #17 in the world to #8 over 4 years. Work has been featured in magazines like Elle Decor, Architectural Digest, and published in books like Living Color, by Gary Mcbournie. International product and quality control experience inspecting goods overseas and daily interaction with vendors. Design lead focused on developing marketing collateral and web applications. Recognized authority in expertise for social media content creation and UI/UX.