Mike Lynch


My goal is to add value to your financial life through a strong client-advisor relationship and provide each client with access to what we believe are among the best financial resources available within the marketplace. We help a select group of business owners, executives, families, individuals and organizations around the country oversee their financial affairs. We believe in taking a holistic approach to wealth management; helping you make strategic financial decisions as they pertain to your life’s personally meaningful goals, while educating you along the way.

Our conversations always begin with your financial needs. Your objective, time horizon, and risk tolerance will always be at the forefront of our process. By creating a custom-tailored wealth management strategy for each of our clients, our goal is to help you attain your financial goals. We often coordinate our efforts with your accountants, attorneys, and tax professionals to develop strategies that may enhance your ability to meet your goals.

After your wealth management strategy has been implemented, we will review your plans progress to help ensure that your strategy remains aligned with your financial needs, making changes as they become necessary. I’m orser to confirm that we are providing your family with the best possible client experience, our team will periodically gather feedback from you.