Mitchell Truesdill

Mitchell Truesdill

Testing / Dyno Work / R&D / Motorcycles / Anything Two Wheels

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I have a great teaching ability with patience and understanding that opens me up to how different skill ability's would react to bikes and products. I love working on bikes but love riding them even more. I see myself as a good rider and product developer because I can adjust and overcome when things don't feel right. I have the determination to keep trying till a solution or a goal has been met. I have good knowledge and feel of terrains, units and products thru my years of racing and love for riding. How it should react in different terrains and over obstacles.

If a product can be developed more beneficently in a direction towards a safer out come for the consumer's and athlete's, than I say the product would be moving in the right direction. Making improvements doesn't come with out a team they always knows how to deliver the goods no matter the deadline or challenges that can pop up.

That's the team I would love to work with.