Landon Faulkner

Landon Faulkner

Marketing, PR, Social Media

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I blend creative thought with a deep understanding of human behavior to excel in developing and managing brand identities and marketing campaigns. I have worked to demonstrate an ability to fine-tune and polish brand personas in a relatable and action oriented way through a customer’s eyes to deliver higher brand equity and more loyal customers. I have developed an acute understanding of social media’s role in an ever-changing marketing environment with a proven ability to develop and execute guerilla marketing campaigns. I am known for an ability to work with people from varying backgrounds to encourage open collaboration by motivating teams and individuals.

My passion is working to help others develop and promote their brand, product or organization. If I can be of any assistance send me an email and lets talk -

Specialties: branding, marketing, social media marketing + research, consulting, fundraising, web analytics, and team-building.