I am an award-winning artist and creative leader who merges a lowbrow aesthetic with classical watercolor technique to
create bold, illustrative design. My background includes a wealth of experience in operations management, workflow
optimization, and process improvement, bringing a unique balance of the creative and analytical to my leadership style.
Throughout my career, these strengths have led to considerable success both in and out of the studio. Highlights of my
achievements include:
? Major exhibitions at galleries and museums around the world, including The Boston Center of the Arts, Boston;
Galerie Herve, Luxembourg; Satellite Contemporary, Las Vegas; Mark Miller Gallery, New York City; Copro
Gallery, Santa Monica; and Non-Fiction Gallery, Savannah.
? Numerous awards, including the 2016 Luxembourg Art Prize and the Jerry Goldstein Foundation’s 2014
Emerging Artist of the Year Award.
? Champion for operational excellence, leading 250 person-strong teams with the training, processes, and
motivation needed to exceed expectations across all KPIs.
View samples of my work at and connect with me on LinkedIn to discuss the positive impact that
an out-of-the-box, creative thinker with a passion for process improvement can have on your team.