Kyle Nowicki


Looking for an opportunity to utilize my strengths in a well- recognized company in which I can pursue a career in an industry that I am incredibly passionate about. I take pride in my work looking for every opportunity to not only meet expectations but also exceed them significantly. A large portion of my recent work experience has been competitive based sales driven and customer relations. I have focused on quickly maximizing knowledge of products/services and implementing them to help perform highly in regards to the businesses' objectives while also satisfying customer needs. In all of my previous employment history I have been a top performer and throughout my life I have had roles as a supporting member but also with a leadership role. I have strong communication with all levels of people and demographics. I also have strong problem solving abilities, organization, and am passionate in all areas of my previous employment. I would like to one day be a CEO of a Fortune 100 Company while also giving back to social causes and Snowboarding every chance I get.