Caitlin Henry


Throughout my journey to graduating from Savannah College of Art andDesign with a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the School of Design with amajor in Textile/Surface Design, I have gained a skill set whichallows me to create, manipulate, enhance and design tactile surfacesand products through various mediums.In addition, I have experiences with creative companies as an internand professionally which have allowed me to utilize my knowledge andcultivate new techniques while taking a leadership role with a team ofother artists. Through these experiences I have honed in on my abilityto problem solve and conceptualize new ideas.The past nine months I have spent starting my own company, designingand constructing my own line of handmade home goods, small textileaccessories and baby items.I am no stranger to working to meet deadlines and pride myself in mystrong work ethic. I am eager to embrace a new creative experience andexpand my skill set.Please see my personal website and webshop for more information aboutme and a portfolio.http://caitlinhenry.com