Chris Boone

Chris Boone

Musical Instrument Industry Professional

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Sales and Marketing Professional Best Known for Building Solid Business Relationships:
"Following my passion has created a life I could not have dreamed possible. My first passion is the guitar. From humble beginnings playing in bands, guitar teching and working in music retail as a teenager to working directly with some of the biggest names in music as an adult; I can honestly say following my passion has rewarded me with life experiences I never thought possible."

Areas of expertise include Solving Marketing Challenges, Increasing Sales and Revenue, Relationship Development, Artist Relations, Experiential and Social Media Marketing.

Skills: Advanced Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, Power Point, SAP, CRM Tools, Social Media, e-Commerce, Amazon Seller and Vendor Central, Amazon FBA, SEO, PPC, Shopify,, eBay, Exceptional Verbal and Written Competence, Novice Graphic Design and Video Editing Skills