Chase Newsom


Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing in 2010, and quickly got hired at an advertising agency where we worked with the large movie studios in Los Angeles: FOX, Sony, Lionsgate, etc. After learning tons of pertinent information about launching social / digital campaigns for theatrical and home entertainment projects, I moved into the apparel / action sports industry working for Volcom, which is where I'm currently working in Digital Marketing. I've learned over the years that hard work (did I say hard work?), open communication, being a team player, transparency, drive, love for your work (and clients!), and strong attention to detail are some of the most important attributes that should be present in your department, and business, and I'm 100% dedicated to learning and growing in the digital / social, e-commerce, management, and marketing fields. I love getting up early every morning to come to work and tackling projects, so let's make some noise!