Matthew Fitzgerald


As a recent graduate of the DePaul University College of Communications, a nationally recognized top-tier program, I have made it my mission to broadcast my education and skills for the road ahead. I have always been recognized for my unique ability to jump into a setting or situation and make others feel at ease. For myself,Customer service and communications work comes naturally. In the past I have spent an ample amount of time working in multiple fields of customer service including hospitals, sales management and event planning. In my time at the South Shore Hospital, located in Weymouth, Massachusetts, I grew to find my passion in teamwork and communication. Here, I was placed in charge of coordinating special events, organizing patient records, ushering patients and providing care for patients and families in-person or over the phone. I've had great experience as a sales manager for Belmont Army, a small business retailer in Chicago. My time here allowed me to oversee product purchasing, social media outreach and intimate customer service. here I worked training and hiring employees. My most recent position was that of a data analyst for Blue Cross Blue Shield, I specialized in the research of insurance claims for insurance providers. My position required me to hold a strong understanding and constant use of data entry systems as well as Microsoft systems like Office, excel and outlook. While I worked in a team setting I was trusted by my supervisors to perform well under pressure and on my own. Working at Blue Cross allowed me insight into working with a major company and provided me the ability to work under pressure and multi task on a strict deadline basis.