Erin Lana


Competitive sports remind me of business: you must be passionate about your goals, work as a team, and persevere in order to win. My current career goals reflect these tenets. After enjoying a successful time at Apple, I realized that what I was most passionate about was sports. And so I enrolled in a Masters program in Sports Management to further my knowledge of marketing, events, promotions, and other front office operations. Although the combination of a full-time position plus graduate classes is demanding, I love what I’m learning about, and the schedule has trained me to be even more disciplined in the areas of focus and time management. My StrengthsFinder themes include: ** Achiever: I have a drive for accomplishing … and love tackling daily to-do lists for both big-picture and detailed tasks. ** Restorative: I thrive on solving difficult problems, thinking outside-the-box, and finding a way to succeed and prevail. ** Individualization: I am intrigued by people’s unique strengths and how to connect, motivate, and teambuild. As an athlete and, later, a sports coach, I learned that winning titles is not just about technique and training, it’s about mindset … every obstacle is an opportunity, every setback is a set-up for something bigger, and every win is won not just by working hard, but by working smart.