Scott Sutton


I am the founder of Exile Factory, a creative multi media studio that does anything and everything creative. With a strong passion in video Exile specializes in Raw and Motion video. With my background in design I have done uniforms, posters, photography, etc. The latest field Exile has entered, is App design development. While not doing my own thing, I have worked for small and big companies. One big company being SAP Americas where I was a usability designer/motion graphics designer. I worked on multimillion dollar jobs and helped close one of the biggest jobs in 2013 putting my design and motion graphics to the test. I currently work at a small business oriented company called Moving Targets that is rapidly growing into the field of bigger brands, restaurants, bars and the auto industry. I am the Creative Director, my role consists of multiple programs in our company. I work with the Marketing team to come up with new and exciting ideas to help grow not only Moving Targets but our customers as well. I am the lead in our video department where we do motion graphics and raw video. I help with the look and design aspects of Moving Targets, making sure we turn out high quality material. As we say "Putting our best face forward." I am willing to put the extra effort in and time to make sure the job is done right. I love having multiple projects to do. Helps me stay focused and excited!