Nikki burciaga

Nikki burciaga

Senior Graphic Artist/Designer

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I’m currently looking for a graphics position for a experienced Graphic artist.
I've been working in the Apparel Industry as a Senior Level Graphic Artist for more than 12 years, which is where I've been dealing with Juniors, Mens, Tweens, Kids, Contemporary Silkscreen, Textiles, and Sublimations for both Fashion and various Licenses, I also do my own color separations for my silkscreen graphics, and oversee from the beginning to sample all the way to production.
I have also sampled my own sublimations from sample and production approvals, also.
I had started a new website about a bit ago and even though it's still a work in process, I do have some examples and samples of my artwork just haven't put them all up on the website yet, but would love to share with you.
if you'd like to set up a interview. Thank you for your time.

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Nikki Burciaga
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