Rob Knowles

Rob Knowles

Graphic Designer, illustrator
Currently: Sr. Graphic Designer - Product WM Bikes at Pacific Cycle Inc
Location: Bournemouth DOR
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I am a skilled graphic/illustrator, with 8 years experience and in particular 5+ years experience in the action sports industry, in particular cycling. I have worked on numerous graphics within the industry, most notably in marketing, bicycle colour & graphics, product packaging, p&a graphics and retail.

I am currently the Sr. Graphic Designer of product for Walmart bikes across the United States and create colour and graphics for a number of bicycles across a variety of disciplines.

I enjoy all things design and in particular illustration. I like to create designs that are both modern and bang on trend but also like to fit the design with the history and feel of the many brands i work on, creating the right vision for their individual consumer bases.

Always open to new and exciting opportunities, i continue to strive to improve further and create great work. I am hard-working, enthusiastic and ambitious and also available for freelance work.

Outside of work, i would love to travel more, take in different cultures and open my eyes to new and exciting design possibilities.
Amongst other things i enjoy football, tattoos, film/tv, good food and of course the sociable drink :)

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Interests & Groups

  • Illustration
  • Graphic Design
  • Art
  • Football
  • Gaming
  • Tattoos
  • Cars
  • Classic Cars (1967-68 Mustang
  • Ferrari Daytona)
  • Film
  • Media
  • Contact Sports
  • no sports
  • no groups

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Freelance Graphic Designer/illustrator  
Art Director / Graphic Designer  
Director of Supply Chain, Sourcing, Purchasing  
Senior Graphic Designer  
Graphic Artist  
Freelance Fashion & Textile Designer  
Graphic Designer  
Founder & CEO at Rad Season  
Office Assistant