Ivan Steinhoff-Arnot


In most recent history I have been based out of Grand Rapids, MI as a Service Writer and Tech/Custom Wheel Builder at West Michigan Bike and Fitness, a Trek Concept Store. I had moved here from being an Inside Sales Rep for TerraTrike, for Southern accounts, event management, tech support, warranty, account acquisition, and custom builds. Before this I almost exclusively worked within the cycling spectrum and cycling industry lastly as the Dealer Account Coordinator for Bicycle Technologies International (BTI). Management of entire account database, cold creation of new accounts, tax documentation, insurance management and referrals, catalog and sales mailers/boosters, UPS Quantum Manage, vendor restriction management, MAP/MSRP disputes, and general creation of accounts for new clients. I was also one of two main contacts for all online and call-in orders. As situations arose I handled return and order correction issues. General inquires on fit, design, and ETA on all products through phone and being the main email contact for the company, for both end consumer and IBD purposes primarily went through me. Along with these parts of the position, I was the main International Accounts handler for sales, accounts, and trade documentation. Prior to this I was the Head of Inside Sales at J&B Importers of Minnesota. In this I handled the majority of inside sales, promotions, warranty, wheel builds, and shipping duties. The Minnesota facility was the only of the 11 warehouses that had a hybrid Inside/Outside Territory Manager, and I was the one splitting my duties at the facility in that respect. Along with the inside duties, I handled an approx. 70 accounts on the road.