Hank Keil


I have 25+ years experience within the mountain lifestyles retail environment, I am respected within this industry; and the passion I share for the outdoor pursuits that I love and enjoy has been a primary reason for my successes and friendships gained. I have lived in Park City, UT for 18 years and within that time have excelled in building a trust and a relationship with each retail customer that I have worked with. I’m patient and kind and have the demeanor by which others seeking advise feel comfort and sincerity in my expert opinions. I maintain current and up to date product and technical knowledge within the alpine/BC/ nordic ski, road and mountain cycling industries. I have sold, rep'ed, used professionally and fixed bikes and skis and continue to have a passion for both industries. I have been praised for my technical and customer service skills in the retail sales environment and would like to put these and my management, marketing and coordination skills to use within a progressive, and growing, community minded company.