Gunnar Gapko

Gunnar Gapko

Contract Marketer / Logistics Team Member

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I enjoy taking risks; I’d rather say “I did” than “what if?”

I adapt easily to change

I’m very spontaneous, if I think something is interesting I’ll pursue it

A former professional athlete turned marketing professional, with an everlasting passion for action sports and music. Known for hard work, building relationships and achieving results.

Worked as a Marketing Manager at Lake Superior Helicopters in Duluth, MN, later making a transition to Minneapolis to expand my social/professional network. Began contracting with Six-Speed, GMR Marketing, and Street Factory Media, taking on temporary positions such as Tour Manager, Field Manager, and Logistics Manager. Have worked with and represented companies such as Red Bull, New Balance, Cannondale, Target and Esurance, in more than 40 states over the past 2 years. Took time to travel solo through Europe and Northern Africa in search of experiences, friendships and culture. Returned home after two months of impulsiveness and personal growth to start work at Red Bull North America while still accepting contract work at the aforementioned agencies.

Currently letting my desire to be involved with the action sports and music industries, my desire to see the world, and my desire to have an influence on others, keep me focused and moving forward.