Garrett DuPont


Developing long lasting relationships and delivering exceptional results is what I’m best at. I've taken two large companies into the new age as far as marketing strategies and social media. Furthermore, I have cultivated more than 10 million dollars in additional company revenue. I thrive for the opportunities to excel in my work environment and my biggest accomplishments have come from working smart and diligently. Having worked in diverse industries, I've gained a lot of knowledge of how to manage successful teams while leveraging existing business relationships. I enjoy traveling the world and in doing so I have developed great cross cultural communication skills. Maintaining a first-class product while building a solid relationship with customers is my recipe for great service. I've always worked well whether I’m on a team or on my own to increase sales and brand recognition. When issues arise, I work hard to quickly develop and execute an action plan that not only resolves, but reduces the likelihood of a re occurrence. Every industry I've been a part of is constantly innovating and staying creative and ahead of the curve is important to me.