Sergio Cajiao


My name is Sergio Cajiao I’m an enthusiastic and dedicated professional ready to assume bigger challenges.

I have a strong experience in:

• Textiles in general: My main responsibility at my actual job is sourcing and buying textiles in general from: Denim, jerseys, challis, chiffon, poplins to specific fashion items I can assure to make a good selection to fit my target market knowing the right use and differences of each one. I also have strong knowledge in technical aspects of textiles which can help to innovate products.
• Garment design: Sketching and designing, making technical specifications, supervising pattern making, checking sizes, approving samples.
• Color and trend knowledge: To keep up to date has always been one of my main responsibilities, which usually do with: personal research, cool hunting trips, buying samples, WGSN, trade shows and visiting clients with sales team.
• Buying: Have always worked hand by hand with sales and planning, I'm responsible for buying at my actual job, so I know how to keep inventory on point, achieve good margins, follow budget as arranged, manage quantities, sizes distribution, QC management, keep up to trends and also good timing which is almost the most important aspect of it.
• Skateboarding: Have been skating since I was 8 years old, I also own a small brand called Sickle skateboards and apparel ( so I know deeply the target market, since I'm related to it
• Drawing: Is one of the things I like and do the most, I can create fabric patterns (which I've done for my current job) and also graphics which I do for my brand.
• Computer programs: Can use without a problem Excel, Word, Outlook and power point. Also for Adobe suite have strong knowledge of Illustrator and Photoshop.