Carrie Walker

Carrie Walker

Senior Designer - Sportswear

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Honors Graduate in Fashion Design at Otis College of Art and Design. Honors Graduate in Fine Arts from Moorpark College. I have a strong background and deep passion for visual arts, design and writing. I enjoy the process of creation from the initial idea that sparks in my mind, hands on development, to seeing the finish product come to life. My focus is in apparel design. What I love most is conceptualizing ideas and bringing those ideas to life. Taking my creativity, design experience, managerial experience, communication and organizational skills I have effectively inspired, motivated and lead several design teams over the course of my last 7 years as a Designer. I have a total of over 7 years hands on professional design experience and enjoy learning new avenues of creativity, taking on great tasks and achieving them. I love working in groups and being the motivating, inspiring leader/mentor role in those groups. Everything I do I give 120% and no less, all with a smile on my face. I'm a very positive upbeat person that enjoys a happy, healthy lifestyle full of outdoor activities!

Skills and Specialties: Fashion design (all fabric categories inc. sweaters) technical apparel construction, managing/ directing/motivating design teams, painting, illustrating, sketching, creative writing, conceptualizing innovative ideas, multitasking, strong presentation skills, strong communication skills both written and verbal, self motivated, proactive, great understanding of the business side of creative companies, work towards and aspire to driving sales of the business, always excited on working through new projects!