Trisha Andrada


Trisha Andrada is an artisan designer with a wanderlust heart. While being highly knowledgable in all of the Creative Suite programs her various skills in illustrating, painting and photography allows her to produce innovative solutions towards her design work and be very attentive to detail. The experience she has picked up in the action sports industry has given her significant insight in producing for both print and digital media. Being the versatile person she is Trisha is able to adopt any style while maintaining the essence of a brand. Her production phase in the design process expands as she is proficient with multipage layouts, type-setting, prepress, retouching photos and more. As a progressive designer, Trisha continues to grow her knowledge in many different areas of design such as screen printing and sustainable design. With the lifestyle she lives, Trisha continues to support the action sports industry. Seeking to shine her light on new experiences she looks forward to taking her career to the next level within an industry that gives her the active and adventurous life she craves for.