Philip Quade

Philip Quade

Photographer & Adventure driven Entrepreneur

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I am a photographer and climber based in Calgary, Alberta, with a strong focus in climbing photography. I try to split my year between working in Calgary with the Alberta College of Art and Design, and shooting/writing freelance. At any time I can be found throughout the Canadian Rockies, or planning the next jaunt south of the boarder.

Published, printed and persistent. Looking to network with brands, athletes and other media folks. Also looking for opportunities to work with brands and athletes on new projects, in Canada and the U.S. Willing to travel... Wanting to travel.

Next stop, Tucson, AZ and Southern New Mexico.

Past and current clients include: Devils Head Coffee, Skratch Labs, Raceday Fuel, Butora Climbing, Gripped Magazine, Rock & Ice Magazine, and more.