Mandi Simonian

Mandi Simonian

Creative Director/Graphic Designer

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I have an incredibly unique perspective of the fashion industry as a creative entrepreneur where I have experienced the complete life cycle of a women’s contemporary brand built from the ground up. After ten years of running my own business, I am ready to find a home someplace new, working for a brand that I will care just as deeply for. I am looking for a position within a company where I am continually challenged, and able to learn & grow creatively.

With a background in film photography, and as a self taught graphic designer, I am deeply passionate about fashion as a form of art and self expression. Whether through photography or graphic design, I love being able to translate inspiration visually through fashion. My aesthetic for creative direction and design is inspired by nostalgia, music, film, fairytales, swimming pools, adventure & never-ending fun. The brand I started was born from preserving the memory of my late brother (Simdog was his nickname). Purposely, we made clothes for girls to make memories in. Creating pieces that elicit emotion & magic is something I strive for.

As the Founder, Creative Director and graphic artist for my own clothing line, I produced from concept to completion five seasonal campaigns each year, creating engaging and original branded content for all facets of the company. The graphics I have created have been worn by celebrities, sold in over 500 retail doors and across four countries in better retail boutiques and department stores. I understand the importance of creating fine art graphics that evoke genuine emotion and most importantly, sell.

With over ten years’ experience directing a women’s contemporary tee line, I know that my undeniable passion for art and photography in the luxury apparel market paired with my education and experience would be an incredible asset to any company.

Please visit my online portfolio at for a better look into my creative endeavors.