curtis hadzicki


My name is Curtis Hadzicki I am a recent graduate from the school of arts at California State University San Marcos with my BA in Arts and Technology.My journey through design education is one that has not happened entirely in the classroom, for this I am thankful. My proficiencies in technical design with the aid of adobe illustrator and Photoshop were gained from personal necessity as the first tech pack I made was at the request of a manufacturer in china in order to produce a sample of an athletic legging I designed. My unorthodox journey has given me skills and knowledge in Adobe illustrator, and the rest of the powerful creative tools in the Adobe suite. My internships have given me skills in Microsoft office, and experience in the realities of the design process. As the graphic designer for The alumni Association I have had the chance to create and develop marketing campaigns from the concept to preparing digital designs for print and web to create and cohesive concept that is effective on all platforms. I executed projects including a campus wide student scavenger hunt and the package design and development for the graduation gift box received by new members of the alumni association. The position allowed me the opportunity to design for a range of audiences that pushed me to innovate and connect with new demographics. As an engineering intern at D.E.C Engineers in Mira Mesa, I was able to explore the more technical aspects of design. The daily operations at D.E.C included AutoCad plan adjustments, load calculations, and HVAC system design assistance for projects ranging from military base renovations, to commercial space inspections. D.E.C was a great opportunity to be apart of a company that is pushing the boundaries in their industry with sustainable design. D.E.C taught me attention to detail on a massive scale and a dedication to technical excellence My Production assistant position at Revolution enterprises allowed me the chance to learn the elements of production and manufacturing that go into taking a product from concept to market. I was able to take part in the sourcing process along with being directly involved in the production process. Graphic design projects for Revolution included a re-design of the logo for new production materials, apparel, and other stationary materials, and some graphic illustrations for products.