Bradley Carr


Visionary executive with a proven track record as a catalyst for change, pioneer for new business strategies, and leader of national and regional launches that propel revenues. Executive leader with a focus on driving earnings and value creation that elevate business. Successful history driving strategic initiatives, operations, and resource allocation. Undeterred when faced with conflicts, challenges, uncertainty, or roadblocks; problem-solver. Catalyst for the growth and productivity of new products, processes, and business models. Transformational leader, well-traveled, and culturally savvy, with demonstrated success building peak-performing, cross-functional teams that achieve measurably superior results. Sharp negotiator able to blaze new trails in negotiations and deal development, as well as to cultivate alliances. IMMEDIATE VALUE OFFERED: - Offers flexibility and adaptability to continually changing market conditions and fast-paced work environments. - Expertise at change implementation and skill at transforming mission into action and vision into reality. - Consistent track record of significant achievements in resource maximization and cost minimization. - Balances strategic vision with focusing team on day-to-day execution of mission-critical tasks. - Resourceful and versatile; skillfully handles diverse responsibilities and effectively facilitates and resolves issues. - Quick learner; drove integration of new initiatives with normal business operations.