Adriana E. Cotto


My most recent position as Athletic Coordinator for the Boys and Girls Club of Huntington Valley. In this role, I was responsible for some front desk and clerical duties such as processing our payments and donations as well as entering and renewing club memberships, taking and transferring calls, faxing, scheduling, using the program Easy Care as well as keeping our office clean as well as other duties in our office and sports program. I am able to type 55 words per minute And during my tenure, I took on a lot of responsibilities and was able to help in stressful situations which resulted in the request of stepping up to the Office Manager position when needed which is only asked from a select few. I am a very fast learner and hard worker as well as a good multi-tasker. I have experience working in an office around customer's and their questions and comments. With my skill set and proven track record, I can be a valuable addition to any working environment. I strive to work hard and give 100% always and work well with others in stressful situations.