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9 years experience in a fast paced sales environment. Proven track record of meeting my quota and crushing personal goals. I'm always the first one in and the last one to leave. Im money motivated with high hopes of pursuing my dream of working for a "lifestyle" brand. Im a self starter, innovative, and a team player. I get a lot of satisfaction through gaining a friend by Educating clients about the product/ solutionI am offering and ultimately making a sale, but I get even more satisfaction from coaching and developing individuals to reach their goals.

I have a deep passion for all things that are action sport related. Growing up I was a national champion in the bmx circuit from the age of 9-18. Holding more that 20 national titles and also riding for/sponsored by some of the leading industry companies, i.e Answer,Spy,Hot shoppe, Bauer bikes, maxxis tires...the list goes on. From a young age I assisted in training camps or Clinics. I helped kids learn how to get faster starts, how to properly take a turn/ pass. I had to educate people of all ages through verbal communication and physical demonstrations. through out this process I learned about gaining and maintaining someones attention to be able to properly coach and develop their skills both on and off the track. Although i spent a lot of time in the bmx industry i also grew up with a family who rode dirt bikes, so naturally I loved everything about it....then again who wouldn't love spending time out in the desert our out at the dunes with all of your best friends?!? You can also plug some years spent skateboarding in this time line as well.

Fast forward to my current life and im still deeply passionate about all things action sport/fashion related. Ultimately I need to find a home in the action sport/ fashion industry thats going to allow myself to grow, but also to help an origination blow the roof off any previous and projected goals.

Thank you for taking the time to review my profile, i look forward to hearing from you!

-Geoffrey Urbanski