Aaron Imber


I am 28 years old and recently earned a Master''s Degree in the Liberal Arts. I tried teaching High School, and while I love teaching, being a full time teacher wasn't right for me. When I left teaching I returned to the ski hill as an assistant manager for Ski Santa Fe's Children''s Ski School. While I was getting my master''s degree I worked as a ski instructor, raft guide, and writing tutor. I moved to Steamboat Springs, CO to fully pursue the ski industry. In Steamboat I worked at Straightline Sports. Eventually I was able to go to SIA with Straightline to help with buying decisions. Now I run my own website: MagpieGearReview.com. I really love this industry and I am interested in all aspects of it. I am learning photography with my Nikon D3300, and taking some Marketing classes at Colorado Mountain College. Skiing is definitely my main sport right now. I am an advanced skier who loves powder and trees. I can usually keep up. But I'm not about to go try out for the IFSA series or anything. I am also an avid backpacker.