Brennan Hopper


My marketing strategies have driven customer acquisition and brand awareness for start-ups, growing SMB’s, and a Fortune 500 company. Having overseen key account management for Expedia until 2014, I went on to drive growth in the financial technology, healthcare software, and sports markets.

My colleagues will attest that I am an effective agent of change, whether I’m joining a large, established team or building a new department from scratch. My secret sauce is taking the time to thoroughly understand a company before formulating strategies. My advertising and communications are genuine and honest, because I believe in creating long term brand loyalty.

Technology is an integral part of modern marketing. My training in computer programming lets me pick up new software quickly and collaborate effectively with developers. For two years I have worked directly with engineers and Scrum Masters on their Agile teams. Together, we have implemented marketing automation, conversion rate optimization, and product design. I am a developer’s best friend because, unlike traditional marketers, my requests come with detailed specs and supporting material.

With years of experience as a project manager, I have completed PMI training and will soon be a certified Project Management Professional (PMP). Even in fast-paced environments, my projects never run over budget or schedule.

While a manager and director, I have mentored specialists on business development, strategy and budget management. Several of my team members have gone on to management at companies such as Uber.

In working with me you will find professionalism and passion. My communication is direct, honest and non-judgmental. While never afraid to speak truth to power, I do so with respect and discretion. My goal is to be a trusted advisor, ready to dive in and help out wherever I can be most useful.

- Content marketing
- Automation
- Media planning
- Web development
- Multi-channel campaigns