Joseph Tanner

Joseph Tanner

Outside Sales Rep

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My name is Joseph Tanner. I am a college graduate from Brigham Young University-Hawaii with a degree in International Communications and a minor in Cultural Conflict Resolution. My passion in life is people, because I love talking to and trying to see what makes them tick. I enjoy trying to understand and communicate with people in a way that fits their personal narrative and speaks directly to the individual or group. I also have a strong work ethic, mainly because I love to work. Putting all my time and effort into a project or an idea that motivates and drives me to outdo expectations of others excites me. I have had jobs as a dishwasher or busboy only to work my way up to management positions, so I know the value of hard work. Working as an international Marketer/ International Market Researcher, I helped launch Black Market; a sub company of National Powersports Auctions. There I researched other online whole sellers of power sports as well as constructed strategies of marketing for international warehouses. Another responsibility was website consulting to update and critique the companies website. In my current role, I am the Reorder Sales Specialist in charge of the Irvine, San Diego, and Hawaiian Island territories. In this role I am the conductor of reordering the clients supplies, from working document collection and insurance approvals, to making sure the order is going to correct address with the correct supplies. With each territory come its own unique challenges, obstacles, and different team strategies. Using the techniques learned here, as well as outside the work force, I know I will be an asset to your company.