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My name is Joseph Tanner. I am a college graduate from Brigham Young University-Hawaii with a degree in International Communications and a minor in Cultural Conflict Resolution. I have a uniquely gifted mindset that allows me to see a different view point to a situation and come up with a conclusion that may not have originally been thought of. With my background of many diverse and technical jobs, I have experience to bring to the table that has given me a work ethic and a drive that is rarely found. I have background in International Marketing, Digital Marketing, Sales Analysis, Project Management, and Product Launching. I have trained both my peers and upper management in Sales implementation and sales techniques that are still in use today. In my current position, I work for the Marketing department in the Lead Generation department. This task has given me the challenge of strategizing with multiple directors of the marketing department and sales department. I analyze all of our ads across all levels of media (TV, radio, and social media) as well as to the different demographics that we are trying to reach with our different campaigns. In the past I have been in charge of daily sales reporting, daily GEMBA reports, as well as leading my team for sales goals. I have not only met but also exceeded 100% in my goals consistently every month. I have also been set into a Lead role in my department, as well as been voted into being a Sales floor representative to present the concerns, issues, and new ideas to the director of the sales department. In the past I have worked as an international marketer and website consultant for National Power Sports Auctions. In this role I presented the flaws and proposed ideas to the CEO of the marketing division with these ideas as a college kid with little to no experience. I am not afraid to talk to anyone, which is one of my biggest strengths; I am able to express my ideas and suggestions to anyone in the room, C-Level or below. I am easy to work with and I am easy to collaborate with. Thank you for your time and considerations, and I look forward to working with you.

Thank you for your time,