Noah Witenstein

Noah Witenstein


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It took me a little time to realize that I need to feel fully connected and inspired by what I do, both in my day-to-day role as well as big picture objective of a given project or mission. In realizing this, I am now at a place of being able to reap the best of what I’ve gained in coming to this realization while at the same time renewing my connection with what I lost while in the process of figuring this out.

A diverse skill set comes from walking an eclectic path. I am someone who is not afraid of making changes and taking chances in order to reach for new heights and my approach to just about everything is firmly rooted in the philosophy that just about anything is possible. These tenets form the core of my approach and provide continuity through my diverse experience both personally and professionally.

Vital characteristics: Passion, authenticity, energy and integrity

Industries: Action Sports, Media, Publishing, Tech and Mobile, Commerce

Job Functions: Marketing, research, project/product management, sales, Social media, web design, business development, strategic partnership development, Executive management, account management
Job titles: Owner/operator, Director of Marketing, Director of Sales, Sr. Manager of Business Development, Account Manager, Account Executive