Joshua Taylor


I have four-plus years experience as a Digital Content Manager and Creator – as a Video Producer, designer, writing, as motion graphics artist, videographer and editor personally and professionally. For the last four years I have worked as the Video Producer, Media Content Creator, Post-Production Manager and Live Stream-Cast Technical Director at internet company SFAN.TV (Sportz Filmz Action Network), the market leader in live-streaming sporting events in Utah. With tasks that include: Creating all Marketing and Promotional Videos, Viral and Social Media, Company Sizzle Reel, B2B sponsor packages, B2C informational and Sales related media pieces, training tutorials, one-on-one sit down interviews and live production video highlight and motion graphics. I have attended the University of Utah, studying Film and Media Arts, since 2007. My proudest achievement was being named one of twenty Grand Finalists at the Slamdance Screenplay Competition. Most importantly though, I maintain a strong passion and respect for all creative arts, have a creative eye, and am extremely knowledgeable but never willing, or expecting, to stop learning any time soon while I look to expand my career with a new and passionate company. In conclusion, I feel my best qualities are -- passion, creativity, hard work and dedication, understanding that it takes each of those qualities to create. With my background and knowledge, not only in creative fields, but in management as well, I feel I can become an important member of your team, as a collaborator, a Creative Force. Check out my demo reel --