Aaron Hartshorn


Aaron Hartshorn is an entrepreneur at his core with a passion for innovation and success. At the young age of seventeen, Aaron founded his first company by importing car audio equipment from China to resell to his High School classmates. He also provided the labor of installing the equipment to secure that part of the sale as well. This experience taught Aaron skills in: At eighteen, Aaron Co founded a small entertainment company called JEM Advantage Entertainment which rented out venues and held large concerts for the local adolescents to attend. This experience taught Aaron skills in: After working numerous jobs while attending high school in various positions, Aaron absorbed knowledge from his work colleagues, supervised employees, and company presidents in an effort to observe the successful and unsuccessful business procedures. This wealth of experience and knowledge helped accelerate Aaron to open his own automotive dismantling company, S&S Auto Parts. Aaron utilized his unique research understanding of product demands and customer trends in his available demographic to thus capitalize and specialize in two manufacture automotive brands. Aaron was able to build and sell this company for a profit. This experience taught Aaron skills in: Aaron’s career goal is to advise companies with product and campaign development, operations stream lining, and effective problem solving techniques.