Marty Carlos


Highly innovative, customer-centric, and entrepreneurial Consumer Product Device Marketing Executive with 15 years of professional experience in a unique triple blend of 1) product marketing, 2) business development, and 3) technical product design leadership roles. Marketing innovator looking to help lead a 100+ person company seeking organizational change to deliver world-class products and customer experiences. Top strengths, skills, and passion that have made the most positive differences and greatest impact on corporate performance are: • Strategy: Expert at designing and executing custom business intelligence studies, analyzing key market data and purchase drivers, and creating unique global customer-focused market/brand strategies. • Vision: Innate abilities to “see” innovative product and IP opportunities by observing/understanding key end-user product interactions (UX), customers’ purchase drivers and deterrents, and customer experiences (CX). • Empathy: Rare sensitivity to connect with the emotional aspect of the customer to understand the “What”, “Why”, and the “How’ regarding the basis for motivational drivers and deterrents that influence current and future customer purchase behavior. Ability to leverage insights to ignite new marketing & design strategies. • Revenue $$ Driver: Analyzing all competitive market forces, existing and prospect customers, sales force strengths, and developing creative sales strategies to quickly expand growth and drive corporate revenue. • WOW! Factor: Leveraging design research and industrial design to develop innovative and highly profitable market solutions that exceed customers’ expectations and create “WOW!” user/customer experiences. • Innovation: Leadership to promote and champion “design thinking” into an organizational culture and structure to enhance customer experiences and corporate revenue growth.