Ryan Samanka

Ryan Samanka

Creative Producer | Digital Video + Integrated Media

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Hey, I'm Ryan. As a digital media producer and visual storyteller with roots in multimedia, documentary, and live television production—I've spent the past 11 years covering a wide range of topics focusing on outdoor recreation, music, food, culture, sports, arts, and entertainment. Being equal parts creative and analytical, I take a multi-disciplined approach to my work, applying a mix of both left and right-brained thinking to projects that aim to educate, inform, enlighten, and inspire.

Currently living in downtown Salt Lake City, I strive to surround myself with extraordinary people while utilizing my creative prowess to help make a positive impact within my community.

Notable areas of expertise: integrated media, video production, project management, cinematography, live broadcasting, streaming media, photojournalism, documentaries, podcasting, print, design, media strategy, video marketing, content marketing, digital asset management, content distribution delivery

ryansamanka.com | @ryansamanka